Students at a computer cluster

The Centennial Campaign

Volunteer leadership

Community is more than just a campaign theme at Reed. The experiences of students on campus are directly supported by a national web of volunteers who bring Reed to their community and bring support back to campus. These regional volunteers host Reed events, demonstrate leadership in their philanthropy, and help build a national community of those who both love the life of the mind and support an institution that fosters it.

Reed Campaign Committees

Konrad Stephen Alt ’81
Jean Stern Atkinson ’51
Reed Balmer ’99
Hugo A. Bedau (deceased)
Hatef Behnia ’75
Alan R. Brodie ’51 (deceased)
Suzanne Bletterman Cassidy ’65
Julie J. L. Cheng ’84
Kimberly B. Clark
James L. Coddington ’74
Paul M. Curtis ’73
Richard W. Cuthbert ’73
Kirk D. Dillman ’79
Rachael M. Dorr ’76
Mary Patricia Dougherty
Steven J. Dubnoff ’66
U. Patrik Edenholm ’82
Robert G. Engel ’80
Steven B. Falk ’83
Jonathan S. Feld ’74
Lisa Gillette ’78
Margaret Goldwater ’71
David Morris Gossett ’91
William E. Hammonds ’72
David R. Hardy ’71
Stacy Andrew Harris ’77
Philip M. Hawley ’47
Jay M. Hubert ’66
Gloria Drenguis Johnson ’79
Majda Sajovic Jones ’64
Theodore N. Kaplan ’63
William Cha-Won Koo ’83
Keith L. Kutler ’80
Terry Lindell ’76

Kasanita Lindell
Jan R. Liss ’74
James C. March ’77
Linda Hammill Matthews ’67
Michael R. McGarvey ’63
Celia Hansen Morris ’64
Robert A. Morris ’65
Peter Daniel Mostow ’87
Samuel Bunker Nickerson ’96
Ritankar Pal ’93
Puon Alexander Penn ’92
Karl Peters ’83
Tracy Nicole Poe ’91
Mark J. Pomerantz ’72
Constance E. Putnam ’65 MAT ’66
Jeffrey H. Reichwald ’84
Thomas W. Rhoads ’75
Stephen J. Richard ’73
Stephanie L. Ricker ’80
Lawrence R. Rinder ’83
Irene Rokaw
Emile J. Schoffelen ’78
Freddi I. Segal-Gidan ’76
Thomas M. Shapiro ’63
Kenneth J. Singleton ’73
Allison Lee Sneider ’89
Mark Alexander Srere ’81
Anya M. Schiffrin ’84
Elspeth Teagarden Tanguay-Koo ’00
Geoffrey L. Tyson ’78
Allen T. Unsworth ’60
James M. Ward ’81
Thomas S. Weisner ’65
Ruth S. Westheimer, M.D. ’62

Community by the numbers *

  • Tuition, room and board: $51,850
  • Average household income of students receiving financial aid: $68,705
  • Percentage of students who received financial aid: 52%
  • Average Reed Grant: $30,558 (not including loans or work-study)
  • Percentage of international students (112 students from 46 countries, including Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Romania, and Cambodia): 7%
  • Growth in percentage of students living on campus between 1990 to present day: 50% to 65%

* Except where noted, statistics cited are for the academic year 2010-2011.