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The Centennial Campaign

Volunteer leadership

After approving the strategic priorities of the campaign, the Board of Trustees entrusted the implementation of the campaign itself to a group of stalwart supporters of the college. This group of volunteers, known as the Campaign Steering Committee, has a passion for Reed extends into direct stewardship of the campaign’s success. They demonstrate leadership with their philanthropy, communicate with donors to solicit support and continued engagement, and serve as advocates for Reed’s mission with the aim of bringing others into the circle of Reed supporters. Their support makes Reed’s ambitious campaign goal attainable.

Campaign Steering Committee

Konrad S. Alt '81
Matthew P. Bergman '84
Jane Buchan
Suzan K. DelBene '83
Daniel B. Greenberg '62
George M. James '77
Linda H. Matthews '67
Peter Norton '65
Roger M. Perlmutter '73
Alice Larkin Steiner '74
Richard H. Wollenberg '75

Ex officio members:
Colin S. Diver
Jan Kurtz
Hugh Porter

Honorary Campaign Committee

Sue D. Cooley
Don C. Frisbee
John D. Gray
Virginia Kaul
Sandra E. Mintz
Richard P. Wollenberg

Buchan photo

“Our collective generosity prepares current and future scholars to challenge received wisdom, cultivate wide-ranging curiosity, and act upon their convictions.”
— Jane Buchan, Centennial Campaign Chair