Mihn Tran

The Centennial Campaign



rom its founding, Reed College has been guided by the principle of integrity — integrity in its multiple connotations of honor, wholeness, and independence. For individuals on campus, integrity finds voice in an honor principle that governs academic and social behavior. For the institution, it resonates in Reed’s enduring adherence to its founding values and in the determination to measure any single achievement by its contribution to the health of the college as a whole.

At Reed the honor principle is more than a guide to peaceful coexistence. It is a summons to personal responsibility and active engagement with each other and with the community as a whole. It is embodied in practices of social equality and self-government. Its message resonates through generations of students, faculty, staff, and alumni who are linked together over time and space by a special bond. So, this campaign calls upon every part of the Reed family to come together in a common effort to sustain and nurture our founders’ unique creation.

In its next century, Reed can best adhere to its founding principles with a strong base of Annual Fund support and an enduring tradition of bequest commitments. The Annual Fund subsidizes the immediate needs of today’s students. Bequests allow the college to grow the endowment and meet future needs. Along with the campaign initiatives listed elsewhere on this site, there are many opportunities for members of the Reed community to participate in the Reed College Centennial Campaign.

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Integrity by the numbers *:

  • Amount of bequests counted toward Centennial Campaign totals through March 2011: $46,225,290
  • Percentage of alumni who make a gift to Reed College (2009-2010): 31%
  • Range among Reed’s reference colleges of endowment per student: $17,416 — $956,704
  • Reed’s endowment per student: $255,459
  • Percentage of yearly operations funded by philanthropy (endowment spending and gifts): 34%

* Except where noted, statistics cited are for academic year 2010-2011.