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The Centennial Campaign

Inquiry: Goals

To foster spirited inquiry, the Centennial Campaign will:


Add twelve new faculty positions to achieve a 10:1 student-faculty ratio. These positions will strengthen small departments, reduce chronic over-enrollments, and meet curricular needs identified by the faculty in computer science, environmental studies, selected language departments (Chinese, Russian, and Spanish), and linguistics.


Expand the endowment for the performing arts departments to support the addition of faculty in dance, music, and theatre and the addition of a new performing arts librarian, and to provide programmatic funds for lectures, master classes, and visiting performances.


Build an integrated performing arts facility for dance, music, and theatre that will encourage strong collaboration among the three departments and provide exciting and important new opportunities for critical analysis and creative expression.


Endow eight existing faculty chairs to recognize Reed’s extraordinary professors and to support their work as teacher-scholars.


Create two postdoctoral fellowships to bring to the college scholars and teachers who have a diversity of personal experience and expertise and who can offer new kinds of depth and breadth to the academic program.


Expand the endowment to support faculty travel to archives and other research sites, acquire research materials and equipment, and employ research assistants.

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