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The Centennial Campaign



Reed education requires a highly individualized approach. From the intimate setting of a Hum 110 conference, the Reed student progresses through a variety of experiences that culminate in the scholarly partnership of the senior thesis. To enable the faculty to give every student such personalized attention, the campaign seeks to add enough faculty positions to achieve the college’s long-standing goal of a ten-to-one student-faculty ratio.

In a truly scholarly community there is no sharp distinction between the dissemination and the creation of knowledge. For this reason, the campaign includes specific initiatives for funding faculty research and participation in professional dialogue.

Every academic department must be strong enough to contribute effectively to the college’s general educational program, as well as to offer high-quality training and an in-depth research experience in specialized fields. In expanding the faculty, the campaign seeks especially to strengthen small departments and those facing chronically high enrollments, as well as to broaden the reach of the curriculum in a few carefully selected areas.

An area of the curriculum receiving special attention through the campaign is the performing arts. Investment in the departments of dance, music, and theatre will not only strengthen the contributions that these disciplines make to the overall academic program, but will also afford all students valuable opportunities for collaborative work, creative exploration, and expressive performance. For these reasons, Reed seeks in its second century to provide students with opportunities for creative collaboration in well-designed facilities that are on par with Reed’s library and classrooms.

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Inquiry by the numbers

  • Number of endowed faculty positions currently filled: 27
  • Current student-faculty ratio: 10.4:1
  • Theses completed in academic year 2009-2010: 336
  • Number of buildings currently housing dance, music and theatre departments: 8
  • Amount of federal funding for faculty research in academic year 2009-2010: $806,581