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The Centennial Campaign



hroughout its history, students and faculty have been drawn to Reed College by the promise of finding others who share their passion for knowledge. They crave colleagues who will challenge their understanding of the world and who, in the process, will become lifelong friends.

To create a genuine learning community, Reed must be able to attract students representing the broadest possible range of viewpoints, backgrounds, and life experiences. Many of these students cannot hope to attend Reed without very generous financial assistance to help meet the cost. Although Reed’s budget for financial aid has grown rapidly, the college still cannot admit all deserving applicants, without reference to family resources. Success in the campaign will bring the college closer to this long-held aspiration.

Reed must also offer an environment that enables students with different talents and from varied backgrounds to thrive in the college’s rigorous academic program. A newly established academic support center provides opportunities for peer and professional tutors to help students develop their skills. By establishing a permanent endowment for the center, the campaign will strengthen the capacity of every Reed student to excel in the academic program.

In a true community of scholars, the pursuit of knowledge knows no boundaries, in space or time. At Reed, dialogue and debate spill out of the classroom and into hallways, the commons, the sports center, and most especially the residence halls. To maintain an intellectually vibrant residential culture, the college has sought to increase the proportion of students who can reside on campus. For the first time in the college’s history, this campaign will allow Reed to announce itself as a truly residential community, housing at least 75 percent of its students on campus.

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Community by the numbers *

  • Tuition, room and board: $51,850
  • Average household income of students receiving financial aid: $68,705
  • Percentage of students who received financial aid: 52%
  • Average Reed Grant: $30,558 (not including loans or work-study)
  • Percentage of international students (112 students from 46 countries, including Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Romania, and Cambodia): 7%
  • Growth in percentage of students living on campus between 1990 to present day: 50% to 65%

* Except where noted, statistics cited are for the academic year 2010-2011.